Amen Luke Le Bree.💥💥

Jesus message.

In speaking words of love and of future nice times is not necessarily words I have given my prophets or messengers, so beware of false ones who speak to gain advantage for themselves. I have chosen the true ones not by their state in the community but in the truth of their heart and those who I have raised up because they were witness to my power and love. In the coming times all falseness will be exposed and all magic claimed from charm bracelets and people who seek only self motivations will be exposed. The world to come is built on my love and my people surrendering to it for it is a quiet acceptance of reality not to draw attention to sensationalism.
It is true major changes will come but the truth seekers will have an inner knowing of the realness I share with them and the love and acceptance will be the life of my children without question but of knowing.

The Dearest God, keep us wise and hearts open to your truth that comes in the silence of peace in our souls. Amen Luke Le Bree.