Who said there’s no rest for the weary?

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You Are Beautiful Despite Your Circumstance!

I get it – you’re always on the go. Thinking about that to-do list and all the tasks that need to be done but you’re burnt out. You’ve done so much for any and everyone that you have no idea how you do it all. Well beautiful, when is the last time you rested? I mean really rested in order to rejuvenate yourself or realign with your purpose?

Here are just a couple of reasons for why it’s important to rest:

    Resting allows us the opportunity to connect with God – We are able to stop and listen for our assignment or areas of change.
    Quiet time allows us to think and process – We are able to slow down and process life to fully be in it and enjoy the moment
    Resting and pausing allows us to evaluate our goals and purpose in order to see where we may…

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