“Would You Like To Enjoy Some Suffering Today?”💥💥💥

“IS THAT WHAT YOU R E A L L Y WANT?” a poem. Tuesday July 24, 2018. We would like to welcome back The Mystic Poet, who has been prevented from accessing his Tumblr site for sometime, owing to “A Driver Malfunction,” whatever the Heck that is! Anyway, we are SO glad that The Mystic one has returned – to offer us wonderful poems and thoughts, to entertain, “enlighten,” (LOL) and expose the glories of apparent, present day living. Le sigh; le sigh!

a.k.a.: “Would You Like To Enjoy Some Suffering Today?”


I need a peace (piece?) that I can eat (pause) &-no-longer-be-a-pawn,

And YOU can do it for me; I just KNOW you can;

You are so wise and wonderful – TELL ME, WHAT’S YOUR PLAN?]

“Well, IF I had some bloody sense, I’d tell you: YOU’RE A KOOK,

Or I could be more diplomatic – and I could write a book,

Outlining-in a strategy – one to swell your hope,

And we would all just launch right in, but Swee’pea, I’m a dope!

So I will NOT deny IT!


Refine, refine, refine our souls; let’s live out on the beach,

And dream a while – of peace and joy,

And feed and cuddle every-girl-and-boy,

And, as we get – to-PERFECT our lives,

And improve STUFF, from 3′s to 5′s,*

We’ll increase the quality of our life;

Get every boy – the perfect wife,**

And all GOOD foods and entertainment,

And nice surroundings – and comfy raiment!

BETTER – BETTER – better still,

Until things work – so very well,

And all-will-approach-the-RESONANCE,

Of PERFECTION – with-no-hesitance!

We’ll dream WHATEVER – into our story,

And be SO happy, with love and glory;

And – assuming we can reach The Best:

A ‘10′ we’ll call it – The Perfect NEST;

No more hunger, no more sorrow,

No more longing – for-something-else-tomorrow,

BUT – just as we might reach this TOP,

And watch The Final Bubble pop,

That final bubble that separates,

NOT QUITE PERFECT from The Pearly Gates,

At that fine moment, The Bubble pops,

And PERFECTION is reached – and ALL JUST STOPS!!

And THEN YOU’RE GONE! (pause)


Is the only condition PERFECTION’s in!

Do you wanna go there? (pause)


Because RIGHT THERE – you’re my back lawn!

You’re the-blue-sky – and a drop of rain,

You’re The Road to Nowhere – and Drury Lane,

And all this might happen, ‘cause you’re not quite happy:

You have such worries! or a grumpy pappy!

Well, keep complaining – ABOUT NOT QUITE RIGHT,

And, before you know it, you won’t have to fight, YOUR LIFE –

Because – it will just disappear;

When you reach ‘10′ – you’ll shed no tear;

You’ll have no emotions – and nothing to do –


And it WON’T be YOU!! 🙂

fin. ❤

    • from the 3rd to the 5th dimension!! (LOL) (LSMFT)

** – or husband, depending upon your preference(s)!!