To get more cy-protection – and add-ons – and Amazon-ian stuff💥💥💥💥

“IF I HATE DEVICES SO MUCH, WHY:” a poem July 24, 2018 (Tuesday)

I HAT-e this “desk top;” the screen keeps-going-BLANK;
When the monitor’s not off (pause) AW-SHUCKS {snap}-is-its-prank,
And AW SHUCKS(snap) rhymes with SUCKS and DUCKS,
And also CLUCKS and YUCKS and LUX,
And, sometimes I’d-like-to-use-some Lux to clean this dern machine,
And my-cell phone too and my I-PAD blue are also often mean!

I hate devices and, as I write, I’m waiting for Re-BOOT,
Of-my-desk-top – computer – and I need to get more loot,
To get more cy-protection – and add-ons – and Amazon-ian stuff,
And, yet, I like surfing-for-porn-and-pot; you-know, there’s ne’er enough,
TIME – to do what we hate most,
Which-is searching (pause) for a ghost,
The-Ghost-In-The-Machine – is-laughing-at-me;
I hate GOD too – no password, you see!

And-THE-Dark-Web or Dark-Side-of-The-Force,
Is playing with us (pause) lots! of course,
But not as much as The Light will play,
The rays and beams control my day –

And, in This Dimension, we’ve many vices:

And, if-you-don-t-smoke cigarettes or cigars,
E-smoke is filling up your cars!
It’s all addictive; it’s all worthwhile;
I HATE IT ALL – with a nervous smile! 🙂

fin. ❤

P. S. : and just a note, before I go – I-hate-Facebook-too; such seeds-it-can-sow! Messenger, dick-pix, pleas for cash – on-line businesses – I love this trash. I hate Facebook – for hours a day – I hate it all, in a loving way! ❤

Editor: Dazzle




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