Luke Le Bree.

Jesus Message.
When you walk in harmony in life towards me, and you feel beautiful within, it’s a sign that your inner male and your inner female are at one in the company of my spirit. Then you seek the opposite gender on the outside of yourself, when your inner is in harmony, the outer gender is easy to attract and result is becoming one in a sacred place before the Father/ Mother and with my blessing, you become one on the inner as well as the outer. This taking place you are ready for the Kingdom that awaits you. For within this kingdom you are at one with us all that being a kingdom of love. It matters not when you or your outer partner arrive for there is no time as on earth only what is love and being in a now moment.
If you have not reached this stage in your return to true reality, be not fearful just know that the journey is not over but much joy and experiences await you on the many beautiful levels towards your completion. Not all people are ready for the heavenly levels but now all will be where their hearts have drawn them. Remember also that it is a continuous journey until Our God kingdom and your true self has become your reality.
We are blessed by your words and humbled by the glory of your truth that you share with us. For much we can learn by being open to receive what you have offered us. For this level seems to be losing itself and direction. Amen. Luke Le Bree.