“IN THIS PLACE OF INTEREST, WE ALL NEED HUGS!” a poem, inserted after being absent from Internet connection for several days . . .

Can anybody really tell – what’ll-happen DAY 2 DAY?
I think not, friends & neighbors, but that is just the way,
THIS PLACE OF INTEREST operates; a story of its own:
It’s up; it’s down; it’s all around – The Mystery’s not known!*
One day the fickle stocks & bonds will rocket to The Sky;
The next? Its day to plummet; there is no reason WHY!
So, your-health today is bearable? Tomorrow’s destination?
Maybe, Honey, the E. R. – Doctors-in-the-nurse’s-station!
This Monday, yes, your bank account shows insufficient funds,
Then, suddenly, direct deposits seem to give you “tons!”
So, why get much excited IF things APPEAR OK!?
Tomorrow is another page, and you can never stay,
On any page for very long, The Hand of Time is turning!
It’s all the rage & page by page there’s nothing we are learning,
Except to roll, just roll along, with-the-punches-and-the-hugs,
We’ll get enough of both, I think, but there’re a lot of bugs,
In-this-system, so-stay-REAL-loose; laugh-and-expect the turn,
Of-another-page, and just be sage: expect some soothe + burn;
Expect ’em BOTH & don’t get caught preferring one o’er t’other:
KISS & LOVE (with equal grace) your father or your mother!
fin. ❤

    • else it’s not a mystery any more!

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