And wanna apply some sexy lotion!!💥💥💥😁😁

“I SUCK AT THIS!” a poem – a. k. a.: “Don’t Talk To The Hand; Speak With Butchie!”for Moonday, July 23, 2018 🙂

I’m a lousy poet, ’cause my feet ain’t that long!!
IF they were, they’d be LONGFELLOWS, and I could be a Poet Laureate Strong,
BUT – my feet – just medium size,
So – I SUCK at poetry; well, that’s no surprise –
At least, that’s what my critics-say-AND-they add:
“Since your feet aren’t really large, your pubies prob’ly SAD,
And probably NOT too long either (pronounced: aye-thur)
BUT, I GOT GOOD NEWS: “IF you go ‘down – under,’ Butchie’ll say: HI THERE!”
THEN – you might reconsider your earlier notion,
And wanna apply some sexy lotion!!
You MIGHT decide – “Hey, he’s-not-a-bad-poet-after-all!
AND – He can grow!”*

fin. ❤

    • as a poet, of course; what else would I mean, I mean: