Luke  Le Bree.

Jesus Message.

The time has come for you to recognize and understand truth when you hear it, and see it. To do this you must live with loving faith, let not your doubts come calling and place questions within your head. Many of my disciples did not accept myself when I was raised to Heaven or when I returned, until later knowing it had to be myself that spoke and ate with them.
These days you live in the times of preparation once again of my return , do not get lost in your workings of your head but allow your heart prepare you and let the Spirit of love embrace you in a loving place and let it strengthen you to be strong in your faith. Allow your tears and laughter become sacred energies of my love. Let go of the world and all things that are of evil of the fallen ones. See the love in children and learn from them. protect the weak but also learn for they will balance you and proceed with a heart of promise and know there is no death for I have paid for that so you can know in joy you are a part of me and the living love of my father. I bless all the living but only those that accept it can benefit from it. Understand creation has already accepted it only my special creation of my family carry the doubts , can you not see you have creative energies of the life that created you and you are that of children. Learn from their faith and acceptance.

The power of your words dear Lord fill my heart and I pray that your spirit guides me in all I do. let my weakness teach me strength. let my heart guide my head. May the spirit give me the loving guidance. Amen. Luke Le Bree.


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