“Jesus LAUGHED, I WILL TOO, AS SOON AS I STOP CRYING!” a poem 07/20/2018 ( Friday) 💥💥

Jesus laughed (and laughed a lot) even on His way to the Cross,

He wasn’t trying to be mean or cool — or show them who was boss.

He was laughing, “cause it was all so silly, what we think is important & such?

” cause it’s a joke this whole charade, being born, and the life you’ve made”

Nothings much serious, but governments and cultures,

Don’t want you to think that, and so, they wait like vultures,

To pounce on folk who Laugh too much

They say “constant laughters are outta touch”,

And need to be put in the BOOBY HATCH,

With other laughters and they take That batch,

And stick them all with nasty pins and probes

And pills ( to sedate them) and place them in robes,

And bleed’em and strap’em down real tight,


Oh, my!


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