Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

My people of love and respect of myself ,I ask that you allow yourself to seek a deep loving understanding of why we are one. Do not be controlled by the Moralist, and the ones who gather like wolfs to find fault in the freedom of love I give to you. Just let love be your Guide and that which I have opened the way to your forgiveness to follow me. Many of my closest supporters through history were against me yet I came to them in many ways to give them the High understandings of life and they became my strongest supporters. ( Paul of the holy books as a example) Even this messenger Luke who was raised as a atheist but loves me above all else as I do him and all who have hearts of my active spirit.) The world is at a stage where to control you and bind you in words of control and confusion is its mission. The personal, Love Your Neighbor is almost a thing of the past and my love for all that I gave my life for has become words without feeling to many. Understand the temples and the church is honored but know it is your heart and my spirit that gives you my unending love and my creation for you to work in harmony with. I ask of you to have a personal loving contact with me and then My Holy Spirit connects to your soul and lifes real purpose comes alive with wisdom and a peaceful contentment. Know the coming moments of life is eternity and what you live now is your preparation for whats to come. I freely offer my blessings to you.

Thank you Jesus and may all glory and that which be said flow to you and from that we move towards your inner heavenly peace.Amen. Luke Le Bree.


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