It’s a lesson in Love – it’s a message of HOPE – 💜💜💜

“THE HUMAN OK-NESS POEM!” that’s right – a poem! Sunday 15 July 2018.

It’s a lesson in Love – it’s a message of HOPE –

It’s something from HERE, to help us all cope –

FOR THE TIMES SEEM IMPERFECT, and we-often will-blame,

Ourselves for our “faults,” yet it’s all kinda lame:



To make The World “better, and sculpt a good plan!!

Whether you’ve tortured – or killed – no remorse!?

Whether you’ve acted quite brutish and coarse,

Even-if-you’ve neglected the duties you’ve had,

And promised and failed and made people mad,

And molested – and acted – in a “terrible”(?) fashion,

Well, I’m-glad-I-wasn’t-there,


OR NOT! Either-way, IF there’s GOD-She-don’t mind!

The most vile beast? – She will kiss its behind,


It LOVES A L L just fine,

Actions? Unacceptable? And-most? They are mine!

“FORGIVE AND FORGET!” is the name of This Site,

And “TO ERR IS SO HUMAN!” It’s quite a delight!

Just know, there’s NO judgment – except just from YOU,

You’re WELCOME in HEAVEN – It’s nothing so new!

Yet, factors exist – that SEEM to convey,

“Unpardonable Sins” and The Hopeless-Filled-Day!

To Those-Unredeemable-&-Unrepentant, I say:

“You’re welcome to stay here and hate poor old ‘J!’”

‘Cause I feel much worse, than anyone knows,

And quite unrepentant, as far as that goes,

NOW – DON’T think I’ll “hang” with you, just ‘cause you’re here,

With your good intention to bring me a tear,

But I’m only human, amazing and cruel,



And I’ll hope that a few folks forgive me one day,

BUT, if you won’t do that – you still are OK! 🙂

fin. ❤