DANCE for The World;😁😁

“THE DOWNSIDE TO DANCING!” a poem a.k.a.: “Salome, Re-visited!” Sunday – July 15, 2018

Salome! Salome! Dances today!

Spinning her “eros,” that sexy, young fey;

DANCE for The World;

DANCE for Your Life;

DANCE for Your Mother,

Your step-daddy’s wife!

And when you do dance, (pause) you’ll never know what,

You might be getting, so “keep your eyes shut,”

And your ears too, (pause) so you won’t hear,

Your mother’s plea: “Oh, please, Sally Dear,

Ask for John’s head, on a nice platter;

He’s-no-one-important! His death will not matter!”

Well, mom was a “snake,” like one long before,

In A Grand, Spacious Garden! (pause) Don’t open THAT door,

To-hear-a-voice-calling; one filled with lust,

A voice that your conscience will often mis-trust!

Salome, Salome dances today; please dance to cast – our cares far away!

fin. ❤