Jesus Message 👼

Jesus Message

To my family on the earth, to be as one as brothers and sisters, children of the light to each other, you may question why so many times you may feel stressed and struggle to understand why this or that is happening to you. In your heart is the desire to be happy and uplifted, To Love. I let it be known to you that love is who you are but when you identify with others in their pain and wish to help them, see them through my eyes as love first. Then help them see the love they are from upon high and from understanding that step by step bring them home to love. Your own problems will reap answers and understandings, and those you are helping have new seeds of life planted within their Spirit which will reveal that which covers the flow of life. It is a calling you have as my children to do what true life reveals. Never force yourself upon anyone but with a softness and with power of certainty express love from its heavenly level. Some times this can be done in silence and the holding of a hand. Call upon me to help clear the darkness that is being released and I through my angels will make it so.

Thank you for your wisdom and loving Glory dear Jesus. You gave all of yourself, so we can take step by step towards your perfection having been forgiven for our sin and now to surrender to love by helping others. Luke Le Bree.