“Britney Spears – I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman, still don’t comply, never will😁😁

“MORE, MORE, MORE!” a poem Sunday: July 15, 2018 –

I need to work smarter, ‘cause efficiency is KING~

So, I need MORE knowledge; power’s the thing,

And knowledge is power – and ev-er-y hour – I don’t wanna cower,


MORE understanding, Yes-more-about-my-brother,

Immigrants – other-faiths – and-more-love-for-my-mother,

And my fellow man – and my government,

I wanna lend a hand – Donations I’ve sent!

I want to be more responsible – and responsive to my friends!

I use contraceptives, but, now, it depends,

‘Cause some of us are more likely to get HIV,

Our pharmaceutical friends have pills now I see,

To keep us MORE protected, against getting AIDs,

Or giving it too –

MORE FEAR! Will it fade!? –

IF I do MORE, I can be a better person –

Except, more prescriptions – can cause health to worsen!

I watch TV commercials – that-say: “Watch [More] TV,”

And get more “devices,” and drink more clean tea,

So you’ll be MORE healthy – and DO – meditate MORE,

To be calm and wealthy – and be “less” (!) of a bore,

And be MORE assertive – in a proactive way,

And have MORE humility, as The Bible does say,

And attend more church – and be more conscientious,

And be more loving – and much less contentious!

I LOVE being MORE – with-more-applause, for my “more-ness,”

But the more that I listen – well, it brings on more soreness!

I need to learn MORE, ‘bout-ancestral-DNA,

And engage in more social service – Yet STILL get more pay,

So I can pay MORE taxes – and do overtime,

And engage in more fun evenings – and write more bad rhyme!!!

You-know! The MORE – you go along with this “More Philosophy,”

The more crazy IT gets, but – don’t take it from me!

Get more sleep, a restful QUALITY –

Eat more healthy – and relax MORE – See?

More of this and more of that,

And DO DIET MORE – to lose more fat,

And do more “brain games,” to have more awareness,

And MORE YEARS ARE MORE BETTER (?) – I-could-not-care-less,

‘Cause the more I don’t listen – to all of this “flak,”

The more I appreciate, having a back,

LIKE A DUCK – so advice about “MORE” rolls away:



PAY! 🙂

fin. ❤