Jesus message.👼

Jesus message.

My dear family of the spirit of the Trinity. The days that surround you by vibrations of truth and love, are being ignored by the ones who dress to try and show themselves as examples of truth , are deceiving themselves. My love is still within them but it must be seen by there acts of love not just words which are hollow. Even your enemies have my life given breath within them, but the same applies no acts of love to go with the faith they claim to have will lead them to there own pathways of destruction .
I pray I can stand before you in the times ahead and not reveal your penalty you have created for yourself. I have set you all free so to be your true self , my children of love whom I gave my life for. To accept my love for you and shed any sin you may have carried out against any my beloved family from a place of true repentance. I will embrace you for Your loving Soul will be one with my Holy Spirit and your life will be raised from doing good works towards owning who you are and sharing it with all others as a way of life.

Thank you dear God for your loving life we are blessed with Help us to always honor it. and be examples of your truth and love always. Or repent of any sin we may create through separation from your oneness.. Luke Le Bree. 👼


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