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Jesus Message.

It has become clear that as much as this technology has and is a benefit to the awakening of everyday people to the love they are and there connection to me , The evil is spreading on it as well to a greater degree. So I wish you to understand that the more love and peace and connection you become to the innocents of true life the higher your vibration is becoming. The times as has been prophesied by the writings of my disciples of love thousands of years ago and right to this day have and have been fulfilled and it is now your moment to place yourself in a higher vibration by the way you feel love and guide your thinking in a higher way above what the earth is doing. Be at one with fellow travelers and settle not in environments where people are not loving or treat others badly with there tongues of weakness and threats of fear. I look and hear all your prayers for help and this I will do. but you are my light down there so step up and start to be my warrior children of love and in your gentleness and kind hearts take total faith in being my children of light. The Father will one day say it is done and you will come home. Your glow will be witnessed by others who have rejected my love and there may be some who at the very last moment surrender to my everlasting love. This Computer has been subject to deceit but is now protected for this time. bless you Luke.

Thank you and so honoured along with many of the beautiful people who serve you with wonderful hearts and see your light towards it and dont back track to old ways for the wrong reasons, Luke Le Bree.