Remember Joy and Laughter?👼👼😁

Kindness, thoughtful Thank you

Morning Friends
Maybe you may need this today
Suffering affects every person in many ways
These sad moments are another stepping stone in lives journey all will face. These moments in your life are personal. The world on Monday morning are running on and you really do not understand when YOU are suffering how people out there are going around there lives. Yes we all have been there many times before in different stages of life. Maybe you may need these kind words to allow your grief to settle. Those loved ones around you are grieving for you to find peace. Life sorrows impact on your trials seeing you hurt. Maybe, hurt, grief is a natural response but don’t forget your love ones in your passage through life. You are needed, everyone loves somebody. Give them special time too, even to just give them a smile a hug tell them your OK.
Now if every person on earth would show love, humility, kindness wouldn’t that make you life a better place in this world. Peace 😇

Life Is For Enjoying

These days it is so easy to be angry. You do not have to look far to find situations and people that are unjust. But we have to be careful not to let the anger take over our lives and replace instances to create and celebrate joy.

I ask everyone to look inward and find their joy. To see the injustice around you and seek to repair damage but not to forget that there are things that you like and people that you care for. It is a hard time for many people but when someone is going through something difficult it helps not to be reminded of it continuously.

Help someone get a mental health break today. Help someone laugh. Help someone to find joy and give them hope.

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