Glory of a woman👰👰💃

“RESPECTIVE GLORIES!” a poem. {The glory of a woman? (pause) Her beauty! (pause) And-long-and- luxurious-hair / Is a crowning part of that glory, boundless and flaxen and fair. / The glory of a man? His-ability (pause) to operate in-“3D:” / a “world” of fine-competition – a “serious” place to be? / And how to operate “successfully?” Well, that’s-a-trick, you know! / But-it-may-have-to-do-with-SINCERITY (pause) sowing-humor wherever we go! / Because this-place-is-NOT-serious – it’s a circus!-an-illusory-game! / So-try-not-to-take-it-too-serious, or we can find much blame: / in everything that happens and everything-people-do, / But it IS “only-a-stage” and “the play’s the thing beaucoup!” / Let’s be here, with sincerity – we’ll grow some hair and kiss, / and, IF we’re REALLY lucky, no-day-shall-we-ever-miss: / When I shall say: “I Love You,” more than life itself! / And I will NEVER, Darling, put you on “a shelf!” / For, every-day-is (pause) a new day and you are my angel divine, / Who guards and loves and protects me – the one I fashion “mine!” / I send NO horror messages – just-sincere observations: / about this place of horror, with “serious consternations,” / from OTHER players in this play, / who want to take our love away – / and make us “serious” about this joke, / a world that-APPEARS so sad and broke! / [The Broken-Heart-Door – is JUST a photo – NOT-of-the-door-in-Alpine-town! / NOW, Allen’s door-has-a-little-poem – that’s-stapled-there (pause) on-the-front-of-his-home! / I’ll take a picture, so you can see, THERE-IS-NO GRAFF-I-I-I-TI!] / (pause) The-door-was-just-kicked, and my-“melodramas”-“nick”-you-sometimes-to-cause-concern, / but, please, my darling – DON’T TAKE POEMS TOO SERIOUS! It’s just my poetic “churn” / Just some scribbles, from The Divine, / Who lives inside us all, just fine – / our hairs do grow, we-all-fragile-be, / and YOU are the only one for me – / BUT – I DO look back AND I look ahead – / because, to me, it’s like I’ve said – /there’s FREEDOM, if-you-want-to-call-it-that – / in putting out The Welcome Mat – / to-consider-EVERYTHING I feel – / and break apart most every seal, / To-inform The World, I am not scared! / Of losing all – my “soul”-SO-I’m-“bared,” – / for-we’re-ALL-locked (pause) in-a-“little-house!” / It’s called The Body – some hair! a blouse! / to keep our heads and frames obscured,/ our frail, fleshly tombs are blurred – / our sight’s not strong – to see the sea – / of germs that crawl on you and me! / For, IF we did, we’d-be-struck-with-terror! / (I am just a standard bearer!) / I raise a flag (pause) TO DECLARE: / Don’t be sorry! ‘Cause-I-don’t-care – / that in our houses, we’re contained! / It simply IS – what we have deigned, / to do – to-exist in this offal pile!! / And it IS – awful – BUT – we-still-can-smile – / IF we will NOT turn away – / from life as humans – in this fray! / THE FIGHT? = Don’t get too offal serious, / about this FAIR! For it IS furious! / It is a circus – and-wants-us-to-care – / About-our-little-houses, roofed with hair! / And-to care so much, that-we-will-fear – / And forget THAT WHICH-is-so-VERY-DEAR! / And-what’s-so-very-dear?-YOU, Love – / my angel sent – from Heaven Above! / And you ARE frail – AND “made of steel,” / with flaxen, golden hair – MY MEAL! / A meal (pause) upon (pause) which I dine! (pause) / A-top your body – for which I pine. / I yearn to touch and feel and smell – your fleshly, germy, sweaty “well!” / ‘Cause I’m disgusting! (pause) Horrible-and-fragile-too, / And I am so in love with YOU!} Kiss, kiss – Wednesday (July 11, 2018)



Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)

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