Glory of a woman👰👰💃

“RESPECTIVE GLORIES!” a poem. {The glory of a woman? (pause) Her beauty! (pause) And-long-and- luxurious-hair / Is a crowning part of that glory, boundless and flaxen and fair. / The glory of a man? His-ability (pause) to operate in-“3D:” / a “world” of fine-competition – a “serious” place to be? / And how to operate “successfully?” Well, that’s-a-trick, you know! / But-it-may-have-to-do-with-SINCERITY (pause) sowing-humor wherever we go! / Because this-place-is-NOT-serious – it’s a circus!-an-illusory-game! / So-try-not-to-take-it-too-serious, or we can find much blame: / in everything that happens and everything-people-do, / But it IS “only-a-stage” and “the play’s the thing beaucoup!” / Let’s be here, with sincerity – we’ll grow some hair and kiss, / and, IF we’re REALLY lucky, no-day-shall-we-ever-miss: / When I shall say: “I Love You,” more than life itself! / And I will NEVER, Darling, put you on “a shelf!” / For, every-day-is (pause) a new day and you are my angel divine, / Who guards and loves and protects me – the one I fashion “mine!” / I send NO horror messages – just-sincere observations: / about this place of horror, with “serious consternations,” / from OTHER players in this play, / who want to take our love away – / and make us “serious” about this joke, / a world that-APPEARS so sad and broke! / [The Broken-Heart-Door – is JUST a photo – NOT-of-the-door-in-Alpine-town! / NOW, Allen’s door-has-a-little-poem – that’s-stapled-there (pause) on-the-front-of-his-home! / I’ll take a picture, so you can see, THERE-IS-NO GRAFF-I-I-I-TI!] / (pause) The-door-was-just-kicked, and my-“melodramas”-“nick”-you-sometimes-to-cause-concern, / but, please, my darling – DON’T TAKE POEMS TOO SERIOUS! It’s just my poetic “churn” / Just some scribbles, from The Divine, / Who lives inside us all, just fine – / our hairs do grow, we-all-fragile-be, / and YOU are the only one for me – / BUT – I DO look back AND I look ahead – / because, to me, it’s like I’ve said – /there’s FREEDOM, if-you-want-to-call-it-that – / in putting out The Welcome Mat – / to-consider-EVERYTHING I feel – / and break apart most every seal, / To-inform The World, I am not scared! / Of losing all – my “soul”-SO-I’m-“bared,” – / for-we’re-ALL-locked (pause) in-a-“little-house!” / It’s called The Body – some hair! a blouse! / to keep our heads and frames obscured,/ our frail, fleshly tombs are blurred – / our sight’s not strong – to see the sea – / of germs that crawl on you and me! / For, IF we did, we’d-be-struck-with-terror! / (I am just a standard bearer!) / I raise a flag (pause) TO DECLARE: / Don’t be sorry! ‘Cause-I-don’t-care – / that in our houses, we’re contained! / It simply IS – what we have deigned, / to do – to-exist in this offal pile!! / And it IS – awful – BUT – we-still-can-smile – / IF we will NOT turn away – / from life as humans – in this fray! / THE FIGHT? = Don’t get too offal serious, / about this FAIR! For it IS furious! / It is a circus – and-wants-us-to-care – / About-our-little-houses, roofed with hair! / And-to care so much, that-we-will-fear – / And forget THAT WHICH-is-so-VERY-DEAR! / And-what’s-so-very-dear?-YOU, Love – / my angel sent – from Heaven Above! / And you ARE frail – AND “made of steel,” / with flaxen, golden hair – MY MEAL! / A meal (pause) upon (pause) which I dine! (pause) / A-top your body – for which I pine. / I yearn to touch and feel and smell – your fleshly, germy, sweaty “well!” / ‘Cause I’m disgusting! (pause) Horrible-and-fragile-too, / And I am so in love with YOU!} Kiss, kiss – Wednesday (July 11, 2018)


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