If you hurt vulnerable people, the frail, babies, children or are a part of any instance that leads or may lead to injury those listed above then your rights should be removed. That includes working with vulnerable members of society or in any capacity that gives director or indirect access to those mentioned above😥😌😒😓

Australian Human Rights Commission president Rosalind Croucher has punished a company for not hiring a “man” who lied to hide his child exploitation material conviction on his job application.

Yes, you heard that correctly, Ms Croucher has stated that Suncorp should pay $2,500 compensation to a registered sex offender because Suncorp chose not to hire him based upon the fact he lied on his job application. The man known as “Mr BE” stated he had no prior convictions, conveniently forgetting to mention he did indeed have convictions for possession of child abuse material and was a registered sex offender.

And for this perfectly understandable decision by Suncorp, Ms Croucher stated they should pay “Mr BE” $2,500 “in compensation reflecting the hurt, humiliation and distress experienced by him as a result of Suncorp’s conduct”.

Has the whole damn world gone mad!

HIS hurt, humiliation and distress! SERIOUSLY!

Here’s a thought…. don’t lie on your job applications. If you choose to download and view images of children being sexually abused you should be hurt, humiliated and distressed….. let’s face it, it would make a nice change from the kids being hurt, humiliated and distressed for your viewing pleasure.

This is just ridiculous.

Firstly since when do employers have to justify NOT hiring someone for LYING about their police record ?

It’s not racist, sexist or phobic in anyway, it’s choosing not to hire someone based upon their appalling character.

FACT IS I would never in a billion years choose to hire someone who chose to lie to me in the very first interaction we had.
Not to mention then finding out on a criminal check that they had child exploitation charges on their police record and they were a registered sex offender. Not exactly the upstanding citizen you want representing your company and the fact that we have gotten to this point where we are now being fined for choosing not to hire this type of person…makes me physically sick.

Professor Croucher said that for almost 30 years Australian law had dictated that people should not be discriminated against on the basis of their criminal convictions if their record did not prevent them from doing the job.

She said that while in some ­instances people with certain convictions should not work in some occupations, the case of ‘BE’ was not one of them.

Just when did employers lose the right to say ‘no, I do not want to hire this person because I want honest people working for me and oh yes, btw I believe in the rights of children to not be abused and have sick people like this collect the images and videos of that abuse ?

I am literally shaking my head in disbelief about this one.

He gets denied a job and rather than take it on the chin like every other human on the planet this entitled flop runs to the Australian human right’s commission and cries about being treated unfairly. Only a child abuser or in this case child exploitation material collector could be so entitled and self- righteous.

Shame he didn’t believe in the rights of the children being abused for his pleasure.

Seriously you got denied for a job take it on the chin and move on. You lied you got caught out and you were denied don’t go running to the human right’s commission because you got caught lying.

Insurance giant Suncorp refused to hire him, at least in part because of his 2008 child pornography convictions, which BE initially concealed or failed to declare to the company. BE was convicted and sentenced to 12 months’ jail in 2008 for accessing child pornography via a “carriage service” and for possession of child pornography. This sentence was suspended for two years with bonds and charity payments ­of $20,000 for two charges.

BE recorded a third conviction in 2015, which the AHRC stated was “failure to comply with ­reporting obligations”. There are no more details of this conviction.

Suncorp is refusing to pay a $2500 fine imposed by the AHRC, which found it had discriminated against the man, sparking deep concerns from the Turnbull government, which will seek a “please explain” from the commission. We at FACAA would LOVE to read that please explain.

GOOD ON SUNCORP INSURANCE ! I am literally going to call you and see if we can’t get a better deal on our public liability insurance from you because of this !

Writing in The Australian paper, Professor Croucher defends the decision to throw the commission’s weight behind BE, whose ­offences were dealt with a decade ago.

She conceded the offending was “very serious’’, adding that –
“people who engage in this kind of serious offending should expect to face the punishment provided for by law’’. Companies should, within certain constraints, be able to hire who they want.

“However, committing a criminal offence, even a very serious ­offence, does not mean that you are prohibited from ever working again,’’ Professor Croucher said.

“For almost 30 years, Australian law has said that people should not be discriminated against in employment because of their criminal record, if the criminal record does not prevent them from carrying out the ‘inherent ­requirements’ of the job,’’ she said.

“In this case, there were a range of relevant factors, set out in full in my reasons … significantly, this was a work-from-home insurance position, involving no contact with children.’’

So in other words “we went with the letter of the law because we can screw you if you don’t like it”

Now while I agree that a person caught speeding or even stealing over a decade ago shouldn’t be denied the chance to reform and show they are moving on with their lives by getting a new job and should not be prejudiced because of their previous conviction as long as it was not in the same field as the job they are applying for…. BUT

We are not talking about stealing or speeding (by the way I am not diminishing these crimes and the lasting effects they have on people’s lives in anyway shape or form I am merely using them as examples) WE ARE TALKING ABOUT COLLECTION (and judging by the sentence handed down quite a significantly sized and despicably natured collection) OF IMAGES AND VIDEOS OF CHILDREN BEING ABUSED. REAL CHILDREN WHO WERE REALLY DESTROYED BY THE MONSTERS MAKING THE VIDEOS AND TAKING THE PHOTOS.

Why should Suncorp be fined for not giving him a job, after he lied on his application ?

The Australian human rights commission is there to stop horrendous acts of racism, sexism or other prejudiced hiring and firing behaviour by prejudiced bigot bosses. It is needed BUT not with this leader. If she truly doesn’t see anything wrong with what she has done she is either enabling child exploitation material collectors for some insane reason or she has gone so pedantic with the letter of the law she has lost all moral and ethical considerations.

Either way she has got to go !
Attorney-General Christian Porter declared the case at “complete odds with common sense’’. Absolutely Attorney General, could not have said it better ourselves.

Wonder if the children in the images and videos this BE collected could run to the human rights commission and file a complaint against him, oh that’s right our system only serves the perpetrator not the victim… my bad.

Rosalind Croucher you have clearly lost the plot when you chose to tell Suncorp that they were WRONG to deny a “man” who LIED about his significant child exploitation material possession charges, you have shown a complete lack of care and understanding for survivors of child abuse everywhere. Please resign now as the Human rights commission has good work to do, good work it can not do with someone like you at it’s helm.

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