Are you aware of your thought pattern?🤔🤔🤔🤔

Are you aware of your thought pattern?

I know, I simply know that each and every one of us came to this life as a pure, clear flawless diamond with the jist to enjoy the beauty of life and to follow our mission to expand our embedded natural gift by creating the life of our liking and in that process, we consequently learn, expand and grow. And then we are born. And from the moment we are born, we automatically start to listen to the commands and demands from significant others: “don’t cry…be quite…shhh” and we quickly learn that based on our responses, respectively we will be rewarded or punished. In that process we adapt the notion that others are the number one priority and that we should please them no matter the cost.

Through the course of our life, unfortunately our innate, magnificent brilliance becomes swiftly hidden under a heavy blanket of lies, judgment and limitations that we buy into, while at the same time our inner calling is constantly calling us to stay in touch with our inner beauty and to pursue our embedded gift to create our dreams and desires. But we learned to ignore it, due to the fear of judgment of others, constantly justifying to ourselves the limitations that we are bought and shaped our whole personal identity around it. “I am not good enough… I am not smart enough…I am not wealthy enough…too old…too young…too fat…too busy … too scared” and the list goes on. By extensively working with thousands of clients, I have heard it all. And once in a while, life presents me a gift working with these clients that truly expands the list of perceived limitations, by claiming e.g., the skin on my client’s elbow is stopping her to love herself.
Then, usually an “unexpected wake – up call” happens and the hole on the blanket becomes wide enough that we finally start to see beyond the layers of lies and self-defeating behaviours, catching a glimpse of the shining brilliance from the core of our existence.

When that happens, my clients find themselves in my office, lost and confused with their own limited beliefs and the length of time that was hanging on. They usually spend a big chunk of their life contemplating what they don’t have, what they don’t want and what is missing in their lives. And those self-limiting beliefs becomes their personal story and the identity that is based on explanations of their excuses that they used to have and act upon them, even if in that process they didn’t like themselves or their behaviour. Usually, they are aware of those self-defeating behaviours that truly doesn’t serve them well, but they don’t know how to change and what to do next in their life.

Then I step in and gently and lead my clients to firstly learn all their limited beliefs or negative thoughts if you like, while at the same time understanding when and how they are created. And then, with love and light, one by one, we let them go, allowing their inner brilliance to shine on all of us.

That is how we do it, but I would love to hear how you do in and in if you are aware of your limited beliefs that are stopping you to shine your own brilliance in the first place.