Jesus Message.

Today I call on your true self which is I within you. It is your spirit yet my breath. We are one, the world thinks not and divides us by making you believe and act as complete separation from Love or my oneness in truth. I have not left you ,yet you leave me each day to accept the fallen you as the real one. Your mind is opened to accept just as your parents accepted, you are not to be love but you can pretend to be. They show you the way and of course you end up having this separated thinking to live for another generation. I tell you now you are all beautiful within you, I know for I AM the life you breathe. You just need to live the light and truth and be one with me in your love. Then live it out towards others and know you are blessing them as you live out your beautiful life energy. When you make a mistake or go wrong and into separation, admit it, learn from it and love more than you have before you knew I AM the loving truth. Dont try to live by the worlds ways and by mine at the same time for you will be torn in half and to be love in oneness cannot be possible. I came to you so you can have your true life back, and because through the I AM that created you only my death could forgive you and give you the path back to a true future which I may add when You arrive in the new future truth many wonderful and exciting times will open up with no pain or separation involved.

Thank you Jesus for this understanding, and the Joy of what is possible. forgive us and bring us home to your Joy and the truth of who we are. Luke Le Bree.