a poem

a.k.a.: “The Day Krazy K’s Mom Threw Caution To The Wind!!”

July 8, 2018 (SUN-day)

With Kaleena “Krazy K” Ramos’ “passing” still fresh in our hearts and minds, with the funeral scheduled for today (Sunday, July 8, 2018) at The Catholic Church at 3:00 P. M., emotions run high in Alpine! Due, perhaps, to these emotions, brawls and vandalism have put local law enforcement on “HIGH ALERT!”

Yesterday (Saturday) at the local funeral parlor, Kaleena’s mother presented and recited the framed poem “Kaleena’s Style,” (in this site below) to a near-packed audience at the open-casket ceremony. Before reading the poem, her mother announced that she was going to be more like her daughter, taking more risks in life from here-on-out and living with a passion few achieve and society may well NOT tolerate. However, in view of these sentiments, we present this RESPONSE to that heart-felt declaration of Krazy K’s mom:

SOME PEOPLE LIKE SUICIDE, and they’ll never yield;

Some-really-like-warfare – with danger on the field,

To dodge the bullets and avoid every mine;

Somehow those-positions (to-some) feel fine!


Or, maybe, driving too fast (pause) through the aeroport!

DEATH WISHES! (pause) Maybe we can DIE during sex!

OR – disregard The Guilds – and get cursed with a hex!

Aren’t we chattering bones? Laughing-nervously; filled-with-woe!

We’re dancing to our death, on a smoking volcano.

Maybe Evel Knievel – said it best:

“I need adrenalin, more than the rest;

I wanna-risk-it-all, take a fall,

Get broken bones & really-“hit the wall!”

And where do these thoughts of death wishes come from?

Do they reside – in a bottle of rum?

Are we just programmed, with D. N. A. strands?

We-all-want-to-die – AND LIVE! (pause)

So keep “dealing the hands!”

THE MYSTERY was figured-out, by all women kind,

Way before Christ or The Buddha did find,

“GOD TRICKS US ALL, into-one-thing-or-another!”

Women want children: a death wish for mother?

Work ‘til we die; eat the wrong foods;

Drink too much liquor; take drugs for moods!

What’s-the-use-in-living, if we’re “dying” to die?

Within 24-hours – we’re-all-ready-TO-FLY!

To-The-Gates-of-Hell – or out into space,

Where there’s no oxygen, but we love NASA’s “race!”

Have we been mis-programmed, by some Demon Divine,

To die or to live?

Is either just fine?

But-we-live-in-societies that flourish on THIS:


IF it really didn’t matter, which way you went,

We’d be outta control, or we’d be HEAVEN-SENT!

So, gird upon your loins, You Fearless Death-Wishers,

Being like Jesus – and those other fishers,

“A life full of risks, within reason,” it’s said;

“Might just insure that you’ll never be dead!”

fin. ❤