Bullies are normal…?

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So there’s really something that I have been thinking about quite a bit lately. Have you ever noticed how the bully is rarely punished for bullying? But then those who are being bullied, who end up falling into depression and worse, they are considered in the wrong. That they need to get over it or stand up to the bully, but that’s kind of the kicker, isn’t it?

Technically, if we fight back against a bully we get in trouble. It’s the same really for both school age kids and adults. A school age kid will finally push back the bully and usually they end up getting detention. I don’t know often I’ve been told as an adult to just ignore bullies and let it go.

The bullied are considered abnormal and estranged from society, because for whatever reason they don’t fit in. Maybe they really love anime or have…

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