“ZOOLANDERS(?) UNITED!” a poem. Thursday – 5 July 2018

When little Sangria was only just five, She-was-considered,

THE! Smartest-girl-alive!

By an early age, she had 10 degrees,

And had driven her teachers (pause) into “the trees!”

She “saw through IT all,” and The Family Empire,

FLOURISHED! And no one could put out “her fire,”

And-no-would-marry-her – or, perhaps,

‘Twas HER choice,

Stage RIGHT!- (pause) “Pre-arranged-marriage,”

And-she-had-”no voice!”

She married a foreigner, with kids right away,

And no one-had-taught-her,


Plus-when she was younger, it NEVER occurred,

To-her- (pause)


And before her fine marriage, when she-was-forced-to-The-Altar,

Her mama said, plainly, that NO ONE COULD “SALT HER!″

“You’ll NEVER let anyone get-close-enough-to,

Sprinkle your tail – you might be a shrew!

So, forget-about wedding bells in your future life,

No one can-deal-with-you! You’ll-be no one’s wife!”

Well, Sangria Serriny was just fine with that;

She had lots of plans – under her hat.

So, when she got “hitched,” when it all got set up,

It was quite a surprise! She was one “broken pup,”

And she fought and she clawed and she cursed family,

For wanting to tie her

Like that, (pause)


Yet-she-kept-up-the-amazing – things in her life,

As-a-doctor, a “surfer(?),” a mother – and wife!

And NOW, it’s long passed! All-this-stuff has transpired!

Children? Grown up! Husband? Expired!



“I-don’t-need-to-get-married; I can still get along,

Without-no-no-one! I’m STILL (pause)

Too hard to handle!”

And Sangy Serriny burned-both-”ends-of-the-candle!”

Yet, one day, a poet, appeared on her page,

And, she thought long about it, and considered him sage (! ! !)

She said: “I’m INTENSE; am I too much for you?”

“Yes, I GUESS, Honey – but I like you too!

And I can-not imagine being with any,

Gal not-too-intense, or – one-NOT-named-S’riny!

IF you-were-any-different-I-couldn’t-love-you-so,

Yes, you might just kill me – BUT I’m [NO ONE],

You know!

Well (pause)


So, it-must-be-true,

That these two should-be-together! (pause)

They belong in a zoo!

fin. ❤