“The Contented Heart!” page 27 . . .

. . . relative to this finding common ground. Such have been (27) unsuccessful, in view of the housebound condition – – – How to convince Speaker A that J’s apparent plight is a successful (thing) somehow appears perhaps to be (the) object of this diary. B is obviously greatly distressed & this spills into J’s life, drowning him in the process. Speaker B’s pain becomes J’s pain. How do I tell speaker B, I am doing my best to find justification to indulge the body/mind in this process . . . it’s about affording speaker B respect without being patronizing.

[B]: It’s been all about forcing discipline; you are thinking that I am insane or wild & must be tamed. with that kind of attitude how can there ever be this integration you’re speaking of? I am being treated as the HAL Computer in (the motion picture) 2001: A Space Odyssey . . . I am in a position to wreak havoc & I am acting just like HAL, trying to kill everything. (?) : How do YOU (?) convince B that it is in his best collective interest to cooperate & graduate, when he has given so much & been CHASTISED massively, given his perspective. He does have a point, but the apparent future for J is dire. How to realize the NOW position when it apparently can’t be done with a reasoning, analytical approach, which IS this diary, isn’t it? A linear approach just has never worked. Why should it work now? The answer, somehow, is to let LOVE work its miracles. & that “letting” is NOT about a DOING either – I think everybody! (!) here agrees with that. It’s NOT about adopting another state of mind. It’s NOT about shutting out The World, . . .

Well . . . would you believe: “Open, Sesame?!” * <3

Medical Disclaimer. Please use all information regarding “THE CONTENTED HEART,” a.k.a.: “Diary of a Madman,” anyway you wish! IF it is helpful to/for you, comforting or inspiring in anyway, THAT is our INTENTION. We are offering NO MEDICAL ADVICE, and we are NOT doctors, simply “fellow travelers,” also fragile humans, hoping for happiness for everyone, especially YOU! We make no representation and assume no responsibility for the accuracy of what is presented, although we feel we ARE our “brothers’ keepers,” we are all connected and the only sanity we perceive in life is to love and be loved. Shalom, Peace, Namaste & Love to Thee. 🙂


Reading this Journal for so long

Many emails arriving daily is an outcry of grief concerned about Broken Soul outcome today.

JUGEMENT, ABUSED, by enterties is called today Brainwashing.

Kindness, Humanity, Dignity and just being true to self is your unique one of a kind.

Treat all as, you would like to be treated with love and dignity all the days of your life🕊