TRUST ISSUES ~💥Perhaps you need to hear this 💥

Perhaps you need to hear this

Right now

Perhaps you are the next victim

Pherhaps you were that Broken Soul

All alone tears wash down your face

Friends desert you


~ trust issues are drowning you with guilt~

Pherhaps you were that soul who does now realise that Angles come in all forms

Mostly not Angel Friends

Maybe here together we begin to grow afresh with Angels you least expect to arrive

In the breathe of the Angles wings, they caress you with kindness, soothing your inner being ~ able to bring a twinkle of life into your soul. Be one with the earth lay down your sweet head on my earth below ~ there cast your eyes to the star light. Feel the freeing of your entirety of wonder, experience of oneness you are and the possibilities who you really are ~ a jewel of creation ~

You are your own best friend. Cherish, nurture love oneself before you give love

Peace 🦋


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