A Done Deal at Heaven’s Gate!”💙💙💙💝💝💝

“ODE TO JOY!” a poem a.k.a.: “A Done Deal at Heaven’s Gate!” June 28, 2018 – Thor’s Day

We got us a-DONE-DEAL – a deal that’s done!

We’ve got a “done deal” – ‘cause you’re so much fun!

“A done deal’s SERIOUS!” she said with her look;

“For me, it’s SINCERE!” (pause)

Said I (pause)

Then I took,

Her most perfect hand, and we shook on OUR DEAL;

She-is my sweet lover, and I like to feel,

Her skin and to kiss her – a lot on her lips,

With cuddling and laughing – and-slow, burning dips!

When-you-finally-find-HER, you dance as you like,

You do “ODE TO JOY,” and you “plug up the dike;”

You grab hold, but softly – you smile and you stare,

You tell her, she’s perfect, and HOW MUCH YOU CARE,

And you dance with that person, who makes your heart sing,



fin. ❤


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