“The Contented Heart,” a.k.a.: “Diary of A Madman.” p. 39 . . .

. . . considered a mystical poet &, although I know of her, I did not know Emily Dickinson has also been called a mystical poet. (pretty good company, me-thinks! – I mean, to be considered as such.) Trying to fix a person or make them better then, might be replaced with the notion of helping them to heal themselves or helping to help themselves to get well or get whole. Don’t fight NATURE – even if it helps you drop the human body, it is not antagonistic to life (I think). After-all, what is nature, but life incarnate. You can always easily recognize inspiration – it jumps out at you and hugs your soul – we all need lots of hugs!! THE FORGIVE ME PLEASE poem (remember, poems need not always rhyme, or rhyme in the “typical” way!) [When I can not come to you, know this please – it is often NOT for want of seeing you, but for weariness in my bones. In such moments, I would delight at your coming to see me. Sometimes, at other times, I shudder to see you because I shudder at My perception of the ugliness I have of my form & am so deeply ashamed. But know, regardless of all these things I am meditating on, you know, (I) always wish to meet with you in shining form, on a “shore,” near or far.] A(nother) Poem, (called:) FOR BETTER OR WORSE. [I really like it when you like what I’ve done or said // If you don’t like what I’ve done or said, I like that too . . . maybe not as much . . . or, maybe, even more (BUT I DON’T REALLY THINK SO!) // whether you like or don’t like what I’ve done or said, it’s good that you give me both // You give me both, which means you’re being honest with me // That means you trust me enough to be honest with me // and your trusting me helps me to trust myself which lets me be honest with myself.] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgKr5KMN9cA