Behind-prison-walls – eventually-”walk!”😁😎🤗

“IN PRAISE OF ARMORED GUYS!” a poem. June 26, 2018 Tuesday.

Even the-so-called “vile” ones – are missed, eventually,

For people start-to-desire – “their presence,” tangentially!

These “vile fiends,” we spurn and lock,

Behind-prison-walls – eventually-”walk!”

For, we find, without their essence,

Life-can-be-boring – a-sad “incessance,”

That comes from their absence; we need them around,

To react and to shrink – from their vile sound!

They’re black, and they’re course –

Long p—p–s, of course,

And girls-understand,

The-Lust! “Dirty hand!”

That gets so extended,

We’ve not comprehended,

That all of us share,

The same underwear!

When you get a round tuit,

“White”’s fine – yes, we knew-it,

That pendulums swing,

Big c – – – s now the thing?

And, then, small ushers in,

On the head of a pin!

We all dance and romance and, by chance, usher LANCE-e-

LOT’s armor that’s “hot,”

Back to sweet Camelot,

‘llowing-Guinevere to-escape,

From The Nunnery’s drape,

With The Snake’s potent grape,


And run-run-away –

To a fine, joyous day,

That’s been waiting,

I say:

“’Armored Guys,’ show the way!” 🙂 – Oh, my!

fin. ❤