Sex toys and sun dials – and you can-not-be-hurt😏🙄😁😀

❤ 🙂

“WHEN IT’S TOO MUCH TO BEAR!” a poem. Monday – 25 June 2018

When things’re too hard and things’re too bad,

What can you do with all of THAT SAD?


And pray for quick death,

From a God-you-don’t-believe-in,

Or you can shoot up some “meth,”

Or take-cocaine – or-some-pot – or a bourbon-and-lime,

And go to The Bar – and tip Jeff a dime,

Or seek out some comfort – from “the gals in The Street,”

Who may be infected from their nose to their feet!


And shield your house –

From fresh air and light!?

And get real pale? Watch lots of TV?

Maybe-glance-at-a-book, or read poetry by ME?

What-cha gonna do? When you’re nowhere in sight?

And you’ve lost-the-will-to-live: NO SENSES; NO MIGHT!

Well, I have-got an idea! (pause)

Let’s turn up the cooler – and climb into bed,

And kiss there and cuddle, until we’re both dead,

OR – maybe – in-our-state-of-lonesome-and-dread,

We’ll sing “a new song,” and we’ll peek out our head,

And all-things’ll-be-different! NO MORE THREATS, DRUGS & LORDS!

Just SMILING FRIENDS, who’ve taken their swords,

And their wisdom and wiles, they’ve traded for dirt,

Sex toys and sun dials – and you can-not-be-hurt,

And the sky’ll be vanilla, and there’s-no-room to-be-bored,

And our eyes are like children’s, and all worries have “shored,”

On a far-distant island, in a make believe ocean,

And our mantra’s “SHALOM,” with much honey and lotion!!

Well, IF you can conceive IT, it’s already here,

Nothing to fret about; nothing to fear,

Just holding hands, on a beach, with The Sun,

And I’ll kiss your sweet lips,

For OUR POEM, It is done! 🙂 – AND – just begun!!

fin. ❤