Diary of a Mad Man! ๐Ÿ•ด

iscussing and considering this stuff can only do so much because the natural way of living is BEYOND ANALYSIS – it has to BE: i.e.: just naturally existent. It can’t be contrived, faked, attempted . . . it’s just got to be the truly natural “way of doing business.” It’s really communism, done without any unnatural-ness; human can not program it or “figure out” what to do to implement (it). IT CAN’T be implemented . . . only lived . . . only followed. IT IS INSTINCTS – which are intelligence . . . it is IMPULSE . . & in any moment that you’re analyzing it, it is totally beyond your ability to recognize or implement. That’s why mystical poetry or writing is, perhaps, the closest – thing to describing it: because it’s not really describing it; it’s trying to inspire your real intelligence to re-activate = surprising or shocking unnatural intelligence. Whew! No wonder the unnatural intelligence (UI) is just frustrated with what to do & THERE! it’s being called something that it doesn’t like to be called at all . . . it wants to be “the good guy” & it’s tried SO HARD, i.e.: the small s “self,” & [?] may then be (just) descriptions of natural / ? / intelligence, which includes OBJECTIVE AWARENESS (?) . .. so now another model emerges, another frustrating, producing model to continue processes of analysis, synthesis, judgment of an unnatural intelligence . . . UI, like AI, . . . the same, based on calculations, RI (real ? intelligence) is beyond calculation. Graceful, Natural – Doing the appropriate thing at the appropriate time – Can never be consistently accomplished without the appropriate means (??) [without an accepting perception, for WITH SUCH A PERCEPTION, everything is appropriate AND perfect, in a sense!!] AI can never be the way necessary (?), but is doomed to continue trying = insanity = believing appropriate things can be accomplished using inappropriate means. Unnatural – Awareness of self as a separate entity. (Children are not aware of this separateness . . . They must fall from grace, by exposure to the contagion of separate-ness.) Could the dinosaurs have gone extinct from becoming self-aware as a species? OK! Time to stop!! (Higher) EDUCATION : To Develop Unnatural Intelligence. TRAINING = To Develop Skills. The “bad” news – Things can NEVER get better than they are, so [stop] trying to make ’em better. The “good” news: You are always experiencing the best that can be provided! [read to S] One’s negative emotions ARE VALID BUT NOT NATURAL – perhaps, positive emotions are the same – valid, in that they are intuitive and . . .

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