Sometimes just ENJOY YOUR DAYS!”🌞🌝☀

“TIME TO LOOSEN UP – JUST A BIT, MAYBE!?” a poem Sunday, 6/17/2018 🙂

Even though you eat organic, with-doctor-visits twice a year,

Taking the right pills and tonics – with-nothing-much you have to fear,

You wear your ca-ar-see-ee-at-belt – always; (pause)

You-don’t-drink –

Too much wine or beer,

And-you put on the proper sunscreen,

And-use-eye-drops, so you won’t tear!

Where you live is pretty crime free – and you-don’t-burn very-much-debris,

And-you-stop at every Stop Sign,

And-obey-The-Po-lice-Laws with glee!

Your body is a joyous temple, of The GOD you worship well:

So-when you di-ie, NO-one-will-say that you-might-ever go to-Hell!

“I take good care of the real me-me, and I give to the Food Bank,

I work-out at the local gym, at least three times and bless the (army) tank!

I support OUR Peace-Initiatives, ‘cause life must be lived STRONG – Hooray!

I pay my taxes – ALL ON TIME, for governments must have their way!

I get to bed on time, oh Dear One, and-work the way I always should,

And I like obeying all THE ELDERS – Just the way they knew I would!

I’m singing in the local choir; I tithe at church and smile a lot:

I KNOW to spurn ILLEGAL actions, and-especially, I a-void POT!”

“SO, there am I, on my nice death bed, in-a cli-i-mate controlled-room,

I’m sure my “friends” will like to visit, to lay me in a pre-formed tomb:

My Living Will was kind and simple; my graveside service, it was calm,

For life was-about being-comfo’able – for me, they read the-23rd-Psalm!

{SO – I died! (pause) And now I wonder! (long, long pause)

Did I really love my mom?}

As I look back – I-also-wonder – why I passed (on)-that-piece-of-pie?

And ice cream – and a little red meat:

Even-though it-makes my-vegan-friends-cry?

I often thought to “drop The F-Bomb, and screw & drink into the night,

And kick the smiling, holy deacons, who groped at me,

I would not fight –

You-know, IF life is really worth it, sometimes you-loosen The-Straight-Jacket,

And kiss that friendly, sinful devil, (pause)

With the warm and quivering “packet!”

NOW, I-ain’t-saying: “Chunk it All – and discount (all) the-cul-tur-al mo-ores!”

I’m only saying: “Loosen up, Dear – (pause)

Sometimes just ENJOY YOUR DAYS!”

fin. ❤