Forget the mistakes

And remember the lessons

Learnt on that journey

Don’t become a victim

You are truly worth everything ~




One day a man saw an old lady, stranded on the side of the road, but even in the dim light of day, he could see she needed help. So he pulled up in front of her Mercedes and got out. His Pontiac was still sputtering when he approached her.

Even with the smile on his face, she was worried. No one had stopped to help for the last hour or so. Was he going to hurt her? He didn’t look safe; he looked poor and hungry. He could see that she was frightened, standing out there in the cold. He knew how she felt. It was those chills which only fear can put in you.

He said, “I’m here to help you, ma’am. Why don’t you wait in the car where it’s warm? By the way, my name is Bryan Anderson.”

Well, all she had was a flat tire, but for an old lady, that was bad enough. Bryan crawled under the car looking for a place to put the jack, skinning his knuckles a time or two. Soon he was able to change the tire. But he had to get dirty and his hands hurt. As he was tightening up the lug nuts, she rolled down the window and began to talk to him. She told him that she was from St. Louis and was only just passing through. She couldn’t thank him enough for coming to her aid.

Bryan just smiled as he closed her trunk. The lady asked how much she owed him. Any amount would have been all right with her. She already imagined all the awful things that could have happened had he not stopped. Bryan never thought twice about being paid. This was not a job to him. This was helping someone in need, and God knows there were plenty, who had given him a hand in the past. He had lived his whole life that way, and it never occurred to him to act any other way.

He told her that if she really wanted to pay him back, the next time she saw someone who needed help, she could give that person the assistance they needed, and Bryan added, “And think of me.”

He waited until she started her car and drove off. It had been a cold and depressing day, but he felt good as he headed for home, disappearing into the twilight.

A few miles down the road the lady saw a small cafe. She went in to grab a bite to eat, and take the chill off before she made the last leg of her trip home. It was a dingy looking restaurant. Outside were two old gas pumps. The whole scene was unfamiliar to her. The waitress came over and brought a clean towel to wipe her wet hair. She had a sweet smile, one that even being on her feet for the whole day couldn’t erase. The lady noticed the waitress was nearly eight months pregnant, but she never let the strain and aches change her attitude. The old lady wondered how someone who had so little could be so giving to a stranger. Then she remembered Bryan.

After the lady finished her meal, she paid with a hundred dollar bill. The waitress quickly went to get change for her hundred dollar bill, but the old lady had slipped right out the door. She was gone by the time the waitress came back. The waitress wondered where the lady could be. Then she noticed something written on the napkin.

There were tears in her eyes when she read what the lady wrote: “You don’t owe me anything. I have been there too. Somebody once helped me out, the way I’m helping you. If you really want to pay me back, here is what you do: Do not let this chain of love end with you.”

Under the napkin were four more $100 bills.

Well, there were tables to clear, sugar bowls to fill, and people to serve, but the waitress made it through another day. That night when she got home from work and climbed into bed, she was thinking about the money and what the lady had written. How could the lady have known how much she and her husband needed it? With the baby due next month, it was going to be hard….

She knew how worried her husband was, and as he lay sleeping next to her, she gave him a soft kiss and whispered soft and low, “Everything’s going to be all right. I love you, Bryan Anderson.”

Moral: What Goes around Comes Around. You do good, You will get good in return. Always be Helpful.


“WHEN PURTY SAYS IT!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Dropping The F Balm (Bomb)?” Sunday: 17 Jun 2018

{Disclaimer: Owing to possible impropriety, please cover your children’s eyes!} Thank-you!

When-others-say: “F – – ,” I DON’T THINK TWICE;

But-when-YOU say: “F;”

It’s awfully nice;

‘Cause I just love it when you talk dirty,

You’re my foul-mouthed darling, Purty;

When YOU say The Word, it’s a MANTRA, I think!

Ma-ha-ri-shi* (pause) might-a colored it PINK –

And charged 5 hundred dollars an hour,

To have YOU say it,

‘Cause there’s so much power,

When YOU say: “F,” it drives me mad,

It is the sweetest sound I’ve ever had!

When YOU say “ F – – me, Honey, ALL DAY,”

I am in rapture!


WHEN YOU SAY “F,” (pause)



Because (pause)



To grab me and put me – in your ____,

And wiggle, ‘til The Light of Day;


In “The Hay!”* 🙂 – hip hip hoor – Hey!

*The Beatles’ guru from India, who started The Transcendental Meditation Movement, said group still alive and strangling today, to include celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Russell Brand, and a host of other misfits! He loved to give special, powerful mantras that a devotee could chant while meditating in the glorious T. M. WAY!! He is now deceased (maybe), but never forgotten!! 🙂 – OK!?

** – The f – – ing hay

Sometimes just ENJOY YOUR DAYS!”🌞🌝☀

“TIME TO LOOSEN UP – JUST A BIT, MAYBE!?” a poem Sunday, 6/17/2018 🙂

Even though you eat organic, with-doctor-visits twice a year,

Taking the right pills and tonics – with-nothing-much you have to fear,

You wear your ca-ar-see-ee-at-belt – always; (pause)

You-don’t-drink –

Too much wine or beer,

And-you put on the proper sunscreen,

And-use-eye-drops, so you won’t tear!

Where you live is pretty crime free – and you-don’t-burn very-much-debris,

And-you-stop at every Stop Sign,

And-obey-The-Po-lice-Laws with glee!

Your body is a joyous temple, of The GOD you worship well:

So-when you di-ie, NO-one-will-say that you-might-ever go to-Hell!

“I take good care of the real me-me, and I give to the Food Bank,

I work-out at the local gym, at least three times and bless the (army) tank!

I support OUR Peace-Initiatives, ‘cause life must be lived STRONG – Hooray!

I pay my taxes – ALL ON TIME, for governments must have their way!

I get to bed on time, oh Dear One, and-work the way I always should,

And I like obeying all THE ELDERS – Just the way they knew I would!

I’m singing in the local choir; I tithe at church and smile a lot:

I KNOW to spurn ILLEGAL actions, and-especially, I a-void POT!”

“SO, there am I, on my nice death bed, in-a cli-i-mate controlled-room,

I’m sure my “friends” will like to visit, to lay me in a pre-formed tomb:

My Living Will was kind and simple; my graveside service, it was calm,

For life was-about being-comfo’able – for me, they read the-23rd-Psalm!

{SO – I died! (pause) And now I wonder! (long, long pause)

Did I really love my mom?}

As I look back – I-also-wonder – why I passed (on)-that-piece-of-pie?

And ice cream – and a little red meat:

Even-though it-makes my-vegan-friends-cry?

I often thought to “drop The F-Bomb, and screw & drink into the night,

And kick the smiling, holy deacons, who groped at me,

I would not fight –

You-know, IF life is really worth it, sometimes you-loosen The-Straight-Jacket,

And kiss that friendly, sinful devil, (pause)

With the warm and quivering “packet!”

NOW, I-ain’t-saying: “Chunk it All – and discount (all) the-cul-tur-al mo-ores!”

I’m only saying: “Loosen up, Dear – (pause)

Sometimes just ENJOY YOUR DAYS!”

fin. <3

“HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY USA – ALMOST 250 YEARS LATER! a poem, dedicated: to DADDIO!😁💥

“HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY USA – ALMOST 250 YEARS LATER! a poem, dedicated: to DADDIO! {June 17, 2018} “My paternal grandfather was Benjamin Henry Davis, who taught me how to swat “flies,” my maternal grandfather was John Milton Crockett, who taught me how to stand on one leg, and my FATHER IS Samuel Eugene Davis, who taught me everything else!” The Mystic Poet.

WHAT’S A FATHER GOOD FOR? In an environment like this?

He can not take you “there” outside and teach you how to P – – S,

‘Cause Mama sets you on the pot and tells you when to go,

Culture’s-about-molding-you, NOT-finding-(good)-places, you-know!

AND – IF you ever “whip-it-out,” it’s pub(l)ic in-de-cen-cy,

EVEN IF YOU “GOTTA GO!” No toilet? JUST WAIT! and see!!

CONTAIN YOURSELF! Hold it in! And wait until you burst,

‘Cause THAT’S POLITE! And RULES RULE – PLUS – stifle your ol’ thirst!

Until you have forgotten, when to drink or pee,

So (pause) What’s a daddy good for? A LOT, MY SON – LET’S SEE:

Your father, IF he still has b – – – s, slips wisdom in between,

The things that are acceptable and those THEY call obscene!

So, here are just-a-few – Old things, That, KIDS, ya better know:

(IF you’re Daddy WASN’T there, because he had to go!)

Find a mate who COOKS! and-also-”cooks”-you-good-in-bed!


By-a-spouse or authorities, who have the “legal means,”

To mess you up – and make you doubt – THE WISDOM OF YOUR TEENS!

DOING RIGHT’s-about-INSTINCT – It may NOT coincide,

With Mrs. Manners manner – (pause)


AND TOLERATE M O S T E V E R Y T H I N G that might be tossed your way,

By your spouse or family – or governments today.

HONOR PEOPLE I F YOU CAN – IF they are not too crazy:

And IF their rules don’t feel right, just find you a nice DAISY,

And pick it sweet and kiss it tender and whisper in its ear:

“I LOVE YOU, LITTLE DAISY – We’ve nothing much to fear!”

So, any-hoo – there are a few, (pause) Wise-Things (my) Daddy-threw-at-me!

I thank-him-kindly, and hope-to-remember [HOW-TO] TAKE A-MANLY-P – – !!* 🙂

fin. <3

    • secretly and sometimes and such!! <3


“LOVE YOUR NEIGHBORS (All Of Them)!” a poem. a.k.a.: “A Thank-You Note For A SWEET Friend Giving Excellent Advice Yesterday!” Saturday – 16 June 2018.

It just don’t matter what you do – or even what you say,

But SOME FOLKS, Dear, (are)-your-best-”allies;” listen for-just today:

‘Cause your critics are your best teachers! They LOVE you just because,

Just because you’re YOU, oh, boy – Good Judgments love to BUZZ,

And get right into your ol’ craw, and, if-they-can’t-find-your-mother,

They’ll find your daddy – or your sis – or they’ll find another,

Another way – to impress – I’m SURE they’ll find – YOUR DRIVING,

It-is-pretty-wrong-your-speech, impure-and-they-might-go-dumpster-diving,

And find your dirt, just anything – to keep an upper hand,

Because they’re crazy over you; please try to understand!

So, IF they catch you speeding – or they think you are erratic,

Thank them kindly, for whatever-they-say – it will be automatic,

For your SWEET neighbors like to do,

Anything they can to you,

‘Cause, baby, you have too much fun (?)

And THEY like rules, so, PLEASE DON’T RUN;


I hear a box of clanking tools! 🙂

fin. <3


(36) [What a bunch of bal. . Folks out there & the right ones in & implement the right “policies” because an unnatural species has no idea what’s right or better (period). The whole thing definitely appears “hopeless,” short of the proverbial RADICAL REVOLUTION IN HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS [which is someone’s silly dream, unattainable around “these-here parts,” and these here parts are the only parts in sight – SighT t] – i.e.: Any awakening/re-awakening of humanity’s innate or real intelligence . . . & can only be accomplished by “natural” means – require(ing) that you have humans with the necessary capacity acting in the appropriate manner – all this is beyond the understanding of unnatural society/humanity, which, in acting to progress, will, in the long run, make things worse & worse (in other words) . . More & more unnatural. Apparent, short-term “improvements” Maybe apparent, but actually, the ability to judge better cannot be a trait of unnatural existence, can it? ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE = RADICAL REVOLUTION IN HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS? You can’t even relax, thinking such activity will be truly of value . . . It’s ALL ABOUT LOVE! . . . Grace – ASSUME GRACE is working . . . but Grace is liable to kill you, IF your existence is interwoven with unnatural “civilisation!” REAL LOVE can appear very “Academic,” Cold, Calculator(ed) – because it is all about what is “APPROPRIATE” – WHICH CAN APPEAR AS any T H I N G , . . . in love any activity or condition can be acceptable IF it is appropriate. Another term for appropriate could be balanced or having equanimity – Proper understanding & use of terms is needed, BUT (this all) has less to do with the terms & more to do with the agreements of the essence of the terms which also MUST take into account “THE CHARGE” they (have) or how we INTERPRET them & how they make us F E E L – 🙂 – Whew!

Medical Disclaimer. Please use all information regarding “THE CONTENTED HEART,” a.k.a.: “Diary of a Madman,” anyway you wish! IF it is helpful to/for you, comforting or inspiring in anyway, THAT is our INTENTION. We are offering NO MEDICAL ADVICE, and we are NOT doctors, simply “fellow travelers,” also fragile humans, hoping for happiness for everyone, especially YOU! We make no representation and assume no responsibility for the accuracy of what is presented, although we feel we ARE our “brothers’ keepers,” we are all connected and the only sanity we perceive in life is to love and be loved. Shalom, Peace, Namaste & Love to Thee. 🙂


Yum Yum. ( username) Under it all I feel your humour, what a pack of magicians fucking up the world. Complex unnecessary. Even that so-called superficial mystic female wasted her life, just another foolish human. How many folk in this world believe it is all about them. Manipulation is the real devil’s playground. Self-serving pleasure. Here a good-looking, intelligent person is manipulated. Yes, I have learnt another evil messing with a complex brain. Damage, abused, extortion my God! life is so straightforward, to breathe oxygen, love sincerely, no more no less.
You know all that now! The choice you own. The Freedom you hold.
Manipulating for People Pleasures for their gain whether financial, greed for personal reward.
These words I write are with compassion, kindness and humanity.
You have survived trial after trial yet you never gave in.
Don’t look back you will never go that way again. It’s over!

Unknown Authour.