Mysteries of personalities 🌚

Let’s play Family Feud! You CANNOT use my answers; yours must be different.

1. Something you use in the shower? – Shampoo

2. Something people hate to find on their windshield? – Batshit

3. Something a man might buy before a date? – Flowers

4.Something you cook in a microwave? – Pasta

5. A reason a younger man might like older women? – No dramas

6. An item found in a man’s wallet? – Money?

7. Name something a dog does that annoys their owner?
– Hogs the bed

8. A kind of test you cannot study for? – Breath test

9. A phrase that has the word money in it? Money is the root of all evil

10. Sport where you might lose a tooth? – Kick Boxing

11. Something a teacher can do to ruin your day? Be at work

12. A fruit that isn’t round?
– Banana

13. Name a famous person with the name MICHEAL?

14. Something that gets smaller the more you use it?
– Cover stick

15. Name four people that you think will play. Donna.

Mysteries of personalities