“ON NUMBERS, BOW-ING, CAMELS & TAO*-ING!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Re: Symbols, Traditions & Superstitions!” Sunday: June 10**, 2018

ONE is you, and TWO is us; combined? = 3, why the fuss?

About-numerology – and ancient symbols;

It’s ‘cause WE’RE KOOKY – clanging cymbals,

Thinking that we know so much,

And we are smarter than The Dutch,

Which just means “sharing;” it-is one way,

As The-Book-of-Acts, TRIES to say:

For, in EAST-east-EASTERN-ology,

TAO* means WAY, (Not)-Christ-Mystery!!

And-we-have-no-“dibs” on The-Number-6,

It is just-a-1-2-3-ish-kinda “mix,”


And-7? Who knows? Perhaps my wife,

Can tell-you (that) numbers are a “good read,”

BUT – they should, surely, NOT impede,

You – or p’rhaps ‘cause-you-to-avoid,

Cracks or needles, or-so-to-void,

The simple fact that symbols ARE,

A part of every “cultural bar!”

7, 7, times 7′s JUST-A-LOT,

And BOW-ing is NOT – Evil Sought!

Obesaince, or kneeling, to authority,

Has always been “a thing” you see –

USUALLY! No one – gives it so verymuch,

Thought – when-bowing-

To-The Queen, or-a-pot!

And camels, through a mountain pass?

Are like threads through needles’ brass,

Meaning? (pause) It takes resolution,

But – every difficulty has (a) solution!

And 2 or 3 (times) of 6 or 7,

Emphasizes strength (just like leaven!),

To multiply the power we see,

So things can GROW, for you and men.


All concepts – so we’re surely bound,

To go to a Hell-place, IN OUR MIND,

Thinking Dante could really find,

A literal place!


But, then, (pause)

He-convinced the sadly dim,

And un-creative, unwashed masses,

That Hell exists and even passes,

For a place – to stay forever? (L. O. L.)

What a crock, in any weather!


Which simply means: We’ve-(some)-stubborn-notes,

But, SURELY, “God” (L. O. L.) does not want SHEEP,

Gently following without a peep,

But, NOW, IF-you-really-like-to-bleat-and-baa-around,

Superstition can-always abound!! 🙂

fin. ❤

* – loosely pronounced: D O W, which is just a chemical company! 🙂 – choke, cough!

** – equals finished, complete, return to the start, etc., et al, ad nauseum …


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