The only journey is within and it was time to let go of any old remnants of the fight that served you well and honour this Mission you chose! So shine so bright they have to wear shades…..


You cannot go to where you are unwilling
Deeper depths into the unknown
Clever veils of denial
The hiding of worthlessness
Suppressing your fullness of self

A conscious choice to take this leap
Into the darkness
Where most stay asleep
Here another veil, giving over my trust
Alchemist’s medicine leads the way

Spirit of divine Mother Nature
A natural shapeshifter
As I write, I am in way deep
Breathing as my body burns up

Times of air Screaming
Sobbing years of denial
Into my pillow of comfort
My voice becoming clearer
Waves of peacefulness

No more fight to be heard
Pulling out the weeds and core of roots
Once smothered in positive thinking hope
I go back and review into the depths
This time with loving and loyal eyes
Rapid downloads to review and dissolve

An open heart of forgiveness
Old scars my survival to prove my self
Braveheart can never be broken again
Old waves of anxiety leave my soul
No place in this next phase of Zoe’s soul truth.

Times past of suppressing my truth
Expressing aspects wanting to be loved
Felt shut down, I dishonoured my worth
Comments of the blind cut like a knife
Feeding frenzy, it’s all now my choice

The fighting got me this far
Now, it no longer serves my soul
A peaceful warrior is re-birthed
Old judgments softened with love

Trusting this magical path
Honouring the mystery of Zoe
I am human and imperfect
Willing to let go on my new journey
To welcome Zoe home

Perfect timing of my soul intervention
Feeling into the re-birth of Zoe
As I unravel some more
Not caring how long I am gone
Trusting and dancing while I stumble
The mind-blowing crazy of the unknown

I trust spirit to lead the way
Free falling and surrendering
Enjoying the β€œissness’ of this moment
Falling into a new uniqueness of Divinity
The honour of the highest self, a meeting with joy & bliss

See you on the other side,
Life will never be the same again
Change is inevitable & exciting… I own my worthThe master creator of my life

Re-birth into this next celebration of life.

As I enter the realm of 46
A number. A box. A label perhaps

Yet it cannot be changed, a chapter perhaps

So I flow, bend and morph with it
Expanding new edges of mystical Zoe


Yes, a picture in my birthday suit that I will own with all my GLOWING self-worth and self-love as we are each a gift and I shall never jump through another’s hoops of conformity.

If you chose to judge, go deeper within and see where the separation is within self with loving eyes x

I did it for way too long and it cultivated a lifetime of sufferings, so I’ll stand proud and in my full Sovereignty as a Queen.πŸ•Š