Once, a coward lived in a village. Even the smallest sound would scare him. One day the royal messenger announced in the village “The king has asked every young man of the kingdom to join the royal army. It’s an order. Everybody must follow it.”

The coward was also forced to follow the royal order. So he too left for the city to join the royal army.

On the way the coward passed by a large and tall tree. Many crows were sitting on it and making a lot of noise. Loud noise of the crows scared the coward. He stopped due to fear. After standing for a few moments, he moved forward to go on but the crows again started to make a noise. Once again, the coward’s mouth went dry with fear. He shivered in fright and in shaky voice he cried, “Yes. Go on. Make as much noise as you want to. But I know you still cannot eat me up!”

The coward was so scared that he thought the crows would eat him up. Actually he did not have the ability to join the royal army. A man must do only the task for which he is fit.


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