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Luke Le Bree

Luke Le Bree
8 hrs ยท

Jesus Message

From whom do you speak to me when praying. As a child of your parents or someone who thinks as your friends , for none of these are your true self that has grown to be free and one you know without pressure to be anything other that the freedom of the real you. For only in that period of freedom that you share with myself alone you will discover your freedom to love and then with a partner who has done similar can you become a couple who are free of traditions and the society which lays its laws upon you and how and when you can express and act in accordance to a trained mind.
This of course is not freedom for this lays the grounds for opposing each other because you have not become a child of God that is love and all things created was with a purpose to be in harmony. You have been trained to adult hood to be right and see others as wrong and vice versa.
I give you your freedom to be love towards myself, and to be of warm loving heart towards yourself, then you will be free and your love will flow to others without a agenda in mind other than to be real and a child of your Father God. Be aware you are the bride of God for your true role is strength with the softness of creating and sharing love with all creation and that which you create yourself with my assistance is the expressions of beauty of the real you. To tell you these things require you to rise above the laws of tradition and worldly ways , not be opposing but be in a love vibration who is free to be one with myself , not chained to a religious belief but if you are walking in that path do so in the freedom and love you share with me, not man made rules from times of little understanding. Be you beautiful to my creation and know that in all ways a wonderful value is placed on all life and when it passes, a more wonderful blessing is placed on it for it is my creation and it lived with the purpose it was created for. Only you as humans have the ability to become Gods of my love by how close to me you become (love) and ( free) from worldly traditions of right and wrong. Come you to higher vibrations and closer to me for the calling is going out for you to come home.

Thank you my dear Jesus for your words of love . amen.
Luke Le Bree.

Khalil Gibran๐Ÿ•Š

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

by Khalil Gibran