Still missing…Today is my son’s 33rd birthday. It’s been close to 10 yrs since I’ve seen him. Although he was last heard of in 2012/2013 by friends. He called an army buddy in Nebraska asking if he could stay with him for a bit before he went to Thailand. He also told his stepsister he was going to Thailand. He never made it to Nebraska and no one has seen him since. Max served two tours of Iraq as infantry. He had his 21st birthday in Iraq while on his first tour. Too young to see the things he saw. I don’t think anyone returns from active duty the same. Max was no exception. I can’t start to explain the daily pain of having a child missing. I dread people asking where my kids live and most days are too painful to even say his name out loud. There is no Christmas, no mother’s day and no birthday that is complete while he is missing, there is also no closure. I have amazing people who have been helping to find him. Strangers to me who have become my only hope and have shared in the pain of Max’s absence. I ask again that this picture be shared on FB in the hope that someone out there has seen him. Max is 6′, slender build and has tattoos on his forearm, but most likely has added more. He has a prominent cowlick at the front of his hair and also a small mole/mark on his left cheek. If anyone has any news of Max Devlin please contact me. 509-654-0070. Max, if you should see this message know that I will never stop looking for you. I miss your sweet smile and your humor. Let me know you’re safe. I love you so so much that will never change. Please come home Max.
**There is a Max Devlin on FB that many people has thought could be my son. Unfortunately it is not my son, but Max has helped pass along any information that comes his way with regards to my son. Thank you to everyone who searched for him on FB and notified me.****
**Update 6/2/18…if you have any information please private message me. I’m trying to go through over 6k responses. I’m overwhelmed by your amazing response and compassion. I’ve been asked about a missing persons report. There is no missing persons report, the police department will not do one. Max is deemed as having disappeared by his own means. This means he does not qualify to be listed as a missing person. Even though he was thought to be traveling to Nebraska and never showed. Because there is a history of him wanting to disappear a report can not be filed. Without a report he can not be listed on military missing boards or sites that advocate for missing persons. Podcast, TV or any other forms of help will not listen him either. As of today there are no new leads. I can not thank you all enough for the kindness you have shown. I will answer you all in time. God bless you all for helping find him.
Thank you Omaha that lead has been covered. No results yet.
I’m unable to read any info listed under the post as there are over 10k and I’m still going through all the private messages. It would help greatly if the private messages could be limited so I do not miss a crucial message.
Please limit the following:
**Anything you find on Google has been check by two PI’s.
***Phone number address found on people search etc have also be checked.
**** Anyone with the name Max Devlin on FB has already been checked.
**** Psychics telling me he dead, not ready to go in that direction yet.
**** Vanish the podcast will not take his story see notes above.
****Spotting him walking through a store several weeks before this was posted and his face was unknown to you. It is most likely not him unfortunately.
***** Telling me he was captured by terrorist and held in Afghanistan
*****Asking for his social security number to help search.
******Asking for his cell number so you can call him
*******Telling me he is in a location that doesn’t exist. These searches take time away from finding him.

For all the mothers who have reached out to me who have lost a child or their child is miss please continue to reach out. Your words are powerful and I am here for you, always.
If there is anyone who has seen Max within the last yr or was in is unit please call my cell or text me. All information will be kept private.
Thank you the thousands of people who have reached out to me. I will get through all of your messages. To all of you who have made the 129,000 shares possible I am in your debt. God bless you all.