Jesus message
Dearest people of the open heart, know that it is when ones heart is open, ego has no where to hide. you may act as a disciple but if the heart is even partly closed the ego will pretend to be you . Sometimes even believe it is you. I call to you now to surrender to myself, for here lays the truth and the freedom. Very few live with the open heart as I request , but I fully understand your circumstances and I forgive you all when you ask of me to forgive in your desire to be one with me and become my children. Even this my messenger who is with me daily has ego and he asks me to take it away and forgive him . This I do for his heart is honest in his desire to do the work I ask of him, The same with each of you for I love all my children with a deep desire for me to love them and reward them with eternal life with the freedom from the one who encourages them to live in self taught confusion to feel accepted. Be open to your spirit of love and you will see the traits of deceit, ask me to forgive and it will be done and you will be clean and free to flow with love so beautiful. This is a personal connection I will have with you and we will walk together in a oneness that overflows my love, Bless you Luke for writing this, for I brought you back from death for I saw your love forever battling to love all with a sincere heart. Now with your work with me I can see your faith has turned many around to come home.Blessings my child you are becoming complete. To all the beautiful and honest souls I touch with my love, despite the many challenges you face you have not left me so You will come home one day when my Father says it is time. Then all of heaven will prepare to bring you home in that twinkling of a eye many of you speak about. To all my children with love always be strong.

Thank you my beautiful Jesus ,thank you. Amen. Luke Le Bree