Human flesh ALL DAY!”😁🙄

“DONE DEAL!” a poem a.k.a.: “Come, Labor On1″ Sunday: 06/03/2018

It’s “BASEBALL SEASON,” and The PITCHER (pause)


There will be NO FLIES, in this-here place; Our stadium is our own!

ONLY will we – truly allow, a Ground Ball or HOME RUN,

FLY FREE ZONES, like Twilight Zones, can be a lot of fun!

Little known by Daniel** and other strategists,

The flies and plants might just conspire, in sym-biotic-trysts!

As I lay there, sleeping,


Two voices did I overhear,

With “con-


It was between some flies and pitchers, and I am just a “grock!”

[I give this as a secret – please secure “the lock!”]

A fly said: “Pitchie-let-us-deal! We’ll bring you lots of fluids,

From these coffee drinkers, the pretty gals and Druids,

IF you-don’t-eat-us, Honeys,

Or choke us all to death!”

The plants said: “YES, Dear Fly Friends, human-juice-is-just-like-”meth,”

To us; we’d love to suck on hu-man,

Human flesh ALL DAY!”

SO, now, the flies and plants (pause)


{Please, my friends, keep Da-ni-el,

From this secret knowledge –

For, I don’t want to “blow his mind;”

I never went to college!} 🙂

fin. ❤

* – Plaine Coffee Shop, in Alpine, Texas, now comes equipped with Pitcher Plants, plants designed to capture flies, ants. etc. Yummy! 🙂

** – The illustrious owner of Plaine [anagram of ALPINE] Coffee Shop AND Farma [anagram of MARFA] Coffee Shop, in Alpine and Marfa, of course!


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