“LOON,” 👅

BAGGAGE?” a poem a.k.a.: “Everyone’s “BAGGAGE?” a poem a.k.a.: “Everyone’s Got ‘Baggage,’ And I Love Yours!” Monday - June 4, 2018. Won’t I be someone’s-“baggage”-soon? Perhaps, tomorrow - I’ll be (like-)a “LOON,” Who needs attention - or guidance fair; Who needs someone - to comb my hair, Or help me change my underwear - SOMETIMES! … Continue reading “LOON,” 👅



what if you define (29) ENJOYMENT as - Being fascinated with some belief - and it manifests . . . Therefore, That's why Alan Watts' concept of "You suffer because you enjoy it!" could be right. Re-phrased, then: YOU SUFFER BECAUSE YOU ARE FASCINATED WITH THE BELIEF OF SUFFERING FOR SOME REASON (punishment for sins, … Continue reading DIARY OF A MADMAN🕴🕴🕴


“THE TERROR!″ a poem. a.k.a.: “The Flowering of BRI!” a.k.a. 2: “Bri’s Blossom!” Monday: 4 June 2018. Everyone’s so TERRIFIED, of the next poignant moment, From-our-earliest-recognition, OUR FEARS, SUPPRESSED, LIE DORMANT, So that we all can function - and live some life at all, BUT - some folks don’t suppress ENOUGH (?) and SO - … Continue reading THE TERROR!″ 🙄🙄

The Presbyterian Church of Alpine

“JO BETH’S EFFORTS!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Treasure of Your Efforts!” Sunday, June 3, 2018 - Forward: The Pastor at The Presbyterian Church of Alpine often preaches about the treasures that awaits anyone who comes in contact with a truly loving person, a person described by St. Paul as both “fragile & tough!” Our bodies, … Continue reading The Presbyterian Church of Alpine