As I'm crying I am hurting inside Been cut so deep, I feel every time I am breathing, I'm merely beyond betrayed Slice me with my eye, Not even ice can bring the pain a sudden stop I am crying shaking my Cobb web's. It shakes my head when I'm looking like that. I am … Continue reading HURT PARIS ISY💃

CONQUERING; something of GRACE🙄🙄

“THEY TRY!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Guys ARE Good For Something!” June 2, 2018 Saturday. Women TRY, but - They(can)-”hate”-their-bodies, and (always) There’s-a-sadness-in-their-eyes; I think, PERHAPS, that-is-the-reason- ”God”-made-man; [HE]-likes-all-sorts-of-“pies!” For men ‘appreciate-”packages”-quite-a-lot, Actually! (pause) Men-are-crazy- And-wars-are-fought, OVER - PRESERVING-THE-DIGNITY-OF-FEMININE-PARTS, A thing, of course, with Human-Hearts! LOVE and PASSION and STUFF like that, ‘Bout: Ladies’ Undies, (and) … Continue reading CONQUERING; something of GRACE🙄🙄

CONQUERING; something of GRACE🕴🕴🕴

(28) Nor is it about going out & CONQUERING; something of GRACE must impact the situation & it is beyond all the separate speakers & me as a separate intermediary. Alan Watts talked about a "sudden" event - (an) unexpected, perhaps, spontaneous awakening. This writing is: Another Distraction (true) An attempt to give respect to … Continue reading CONQUERING; something of GRACE🕴🕴🕴


Love’s Pleasure 💜 Fallen so greatly has modern man become Blindly toward the ephemeral, we see him run Today too often “love” is over before it has begun Yet wisdom teaches that the female heart must be won Only by that man who sees in her his salvation Who sees in every strand of her … Continue reading PLEASURE💜