How say you dear children of mine, or are you that being who is lost in the sensations of your outer world. I ask you to value your life by recognising that my life is the doorway to your life eternal. I am living for which is shared with you, and that is to love your true self and let it overflow to all you meet in your outer world.
Understand if you reject me you lose your eternal life for your outer living is without substance and when the body dies, and you have dismissed love as reality then you are cast down to that place you have created.
On accepting me as reality and love, you are also free from your decisions you made that you understand as sin, for my life I gave for you so you could be free from the influences of separation from my love. It requires you only to accept life as I created you to be, that being love. It is the dark understandings you take from the worldly understandings that make you no longer sane but a being lost and used by the evil one I cast out of heaven.
My love for you all is there if you can understand the simplistic truth and choose to live in the real world and raise your children to do the same, for as a parent you have been given the opportunity to be loving towards them in being honest and responsible for them until they have come of age to decide for themselves.
Know dear ones I will never desert you, but I will not control you as the darkness does. Choose to be free and let the light grow in you for what lays ahead of you then is a creative life of love and joy, for you will be children of God becoming a part of that which is truth and Holy.

Thank you, dear Lord, for having the love and patience to bring us home. Your servant-messenger.