My most beloved children worry not that I will ever desert you in your times of need. For the love I flow through you will bring you home to the reward promised as from the beginning. Know that the closer you come to fulfilling your mission of love for me the more you will be a target for the darkness of this world to turn you away from love and replace with anger and judgment. Know that I AM love and as you live your life with my love flowing through you, The blessings accumulate in which all will be laid before you. Many of you have little in this life but that can happen for Satan wants you to turn against your good nature and become bitter, for only as that happens has the power over you.
Stay close to the love you are and you will be by my side and know if you are attacked by those you have shown great love to know that the cause is not the individual necessarily but the influence of the dark ones to attack your light.
Knowing this will make you aware and not fall into the trap that is being made, but remain close to my love and let it take you to places peaceful.
You are living as I have written through this messenger that you are living very close to end times. The peace you have at this moment is the quiet before the storm. Know the day will come when all of you who are faithful to my love in all aspects of your life will be lifted to come home to live in what is a loving fulfillment of life fully.
Stay aware and if you do slip up and make others who are my children saddened, then turn back to me and ask for forgiveness and it will be granted to all that are sincere, for my love will never give up on you. My Father through me and guided by our Holy Spirit bless you this day with love. The Dearest God of my heart I thank you for your words so that we all can prepare ourselves to be pleasing to you through the love and strength you give us.