Australian History☀☀

K is for Kongwak (between Korumburra and Wonthaggi)
This is early Kongwak, the farmland is still only very roughly cleared. The images include the Kongwak Butter Factory Cooperative especially for Linda. These Kongwak images are all Postcards from a family collection and as a set,

provide an insight into the establishment of Kongwak at a point in time, but when? Looking closely I can see evidence that a number of these (and probably all) were taken at the same time. Perhaps the photographer was a visitor who spent a day (or two) in Kongwak. The Postcards are produced by H.J. Vallance, Photo Artist, Mansfield (a name I’ve seen on postcards before). Did H.J. Vallance take the photos or just produce the postcards? Only one of these Postcards has actually been posted and I suspect others were collected by my Grandmother and her sister on visits to their Aunt and Uncle Stender’s dairy farm c1910. My estimate is that the photos were taken in the range 1899-1910. Any thoughts? Who else has Kongwak photos or stories? I will add descriptions on each photo individually.

I found this comprehensive article on Kongwak from The Age May 12, 1926 at this Trove link – (which I hope works)


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