(26) Response to p. 25 – πŸ•΄πŸ•΄

(26) Response to p. 25 – what about Ghandi, saying “The British will leave & will leave as friends . . .” (?) & they Did – A (Response): True, so what? B: The Power of Positive Thought or Intention Can Achieve(ment) Great Things. A: Yes, but then he (Ghandi) gets shot and now, look at India, becoming Westernized . . . treating increased mental illness with pharmaceuticals, fast food, denigration of The Himalayas . . . B: It’s best to keep trying. A: And what about J now; should he(?), when he’s been trying & is now so physically & mentally diseased that something is forcing him to lose sleep & to deal with suicidal ideations? B: He IS in a pickle & that’s why this diary is being written. A: You are once more asking him to stay ALIVE for the good of “The State;” It’s self-serving in the worst way. B: He’s bearing his cross – Isn’t there some value in that? A: Maybe, relative to his soul & I know, these ARE very “separate,” material considerations, but his physical body is really sick & so is the earth. B: Maybe, even IF J dies, all of this “sickness” is more appearance than anything else & great good is being done behind the scenes. Thus, you might consider helping him with providing some apparent energy & allow(ing) for some insights at how to make the best of an apparently wasted life. A: What’s in its for me? I note here that position/speaker A is philosophically me (?) i.e.: The witness/intermediary, but so is Speaker B, philosophically, but how do you convince them of that? Answer: Find commonality & help them operate together somehow, but isn’t that the “process” & the process of any successful life – After all this apparent, surely some efforts have been made . . .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5hXtGkzZ9k

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