Understand that by doing so you will come alive and each day to set off to live fully with love being your greatest motivator. To many walk around as a ritual without much meaning, They ponder on the sicknesses of the world rather that the love offered. Times of death is the greatest ritual of all, they go with the body falling apart yet they know not that life even in physical dying is still there if you are aware of it. Live knowing you are leaving one place to go to my spiritual Home, providing your true self spirit wishes to exist.. You can see life on earth as just a place of rituals and being controlled or even stealing others lives by control, but I tell you now come and speak with me within, walk with me and decide that you are going to be free to live your joy and be a light for others. My love for you overflows if you are prepared to open to me and not get jailed by the rituals of death. When your time comes to pass over let your spirit know its a passing not the end and when you do that you will take a active spirit of truth and be on your way for preparation for a active life and love of who you are remains. In one of the books recorded it spoke of Martha the housekeeper as going about her ritual, and complaining about Mary at my feet with expensive perfume while the work was not being done. Dear Martha was so hard working but her spirit was not awake to whom I was but Mary was aware her spirit completely took over in gratitude and the love I was and whom was going to be away not to be back in that physical time. I was to die. Mary completely surrendered to her spirit, and ritual 🕊