In this quiet moment in the early moments of the morning I Jesus came to Luke and awakened him for this moment was to reveal a important truth so all of you could draw closer to myself and take within my love to your very being of who you truly are. When the beautiful Mary of the recorded words welcomed me to their house , she washed my feet with expensive perfume . Not that was her consideration but her heart loved me without thought of financial value, but heart value only.
Today or this moment how much love do you place upon true reality and the heart connections that connect us, or are you seeing the physical as the reality in value. Know what you share with me and through my Father brings you into the life eternal and it is now and forever. I Am your I Am if your heart is beyond the noise and confusion of this earth. To be real is to embrace life with the love you were created from in the beginning. All else is just the journey to bring you home to me if that be your choice. Many leaders in the worlds eyes are moving to confuse you from who I am under many darkened disguises of love in the world and in the rejection of your hearts and mine being one and only love. For I died to free you from Satan’s kingdom and was raised again so we can be forever connected in a love that is not only deep but is true reality. I call you now to not compromise my light for the confusion of not understanding the the true value of life through love. Be that love each day knowing I am with you and hear your prayers. Do not overthink this which I am and have taught my called ones over the centuries for the answers to my message remain where I have always placed them in your Heart. I Am.

Blessings dear Lord for this message, allow us to take heed of what you have shared with us . Give us the will to love from our hearts.


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